Guy Claxton
Building Learning Power
Professor Diane Reay
Author of Miseducation
Stephen Munday
Chartered College of Teaching
Susan Robertson
Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Action Jackson
Niamh Sweeney
National Education Union
Adrian Bethune
Teach Happy
Maria Vieites
Tom Sherrington
Helena Marsh
Executive Principal,
Linton Village College
Ross McGill
Teacher Toolkit
Jaz Ampaw-Farr
Pran Patel
Outward-facing leader
Lucy Rycroft-Smith
Cambridge Mathematics
Paul Dix
Author of When the Adults Change
Dr Janet Goodall
University of Bath
Armand Doucet
Teaching Life: Our Calling, Our Choices, Our Challenges
Frederika Roberts
Author of Character Toolkit for Teachers
Elly Chapple
Elizabeth Wright
Paralympian & Author of Character Toolkit for Teachers
Mike Fairclough
Headteacher, West Rise Junior
Emily Green
Jonny Walker
Otherwise Education
Rae Snape
Programme Curator, Headteacher, NLE & Head of Kite TSA
Research Centre for Play in Education
Healthy Toolkit
Andrew Cowley et al
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Professor Alma Harris
Educational Leadership & Policy, Bath University
Michelle Jones
Department of Education,
University of Bath
Rae Snape
Headteacher, The Spinney Primary School, NLE & Head of
The Kite TSA Cambridge
Amjad Ali
Try this teaching
Sue Cowley
Creative Teaching & Learning
Sean Harford
HMI & Ofsted's National
Director of Education
Pam Burnard
Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education, University of Cambridge
Mary Myatt
High Challenge, Low Threat
Jonny Walker
Onklids and Anecdotes
Lucy Rycroft-Smith
Flip the System
Jean Louis Dutaut
Flip the System
Colleen McLaughlin
Director of Educational Innovation, University of Cambridge
Chris Pointon
Hello, my name is....
Anita Kerwin-Nye
Every child should...
Hellena Marsh
Executive Principal Linton Village College
Emily Green
Gunpowder Gertie and Company
David Whitebread
Developmental cognitive
psychologist and
early years specialist
Kate Atkin
Behind the mask, the
imposter syndrome
Penny Hay
Steve Watson
Lecturer in Education at
University of Cambridge
Natacha Wilson
Random Acts of
Kindness Foundation
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Vic Goddard
Independent Thinking
Natalie Scott
TES Blogger of the Year 2016
Dr Rob Loe
Director, Relational Schools
Prof. Dame Alison Peacock
Chief Executive, The Chartered College of Teaching
Lucy Rycroft-Smith
Flip the System
Jonny Walker
Hope Mongering
Prof Pam Burnard
Arts, Creativity and Education
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Natacha Wilson
Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Simon Glenister
Noise Solution
Susan McKay
St Mary's School
Parent, Teacher, Leader
Kay Blayney
Teacher Agency
Rachel Bailey
MindUp (The Hawn Foundation)
Sarah Mears
Empathy Lab
Victoria Hewett
Feedback Not Marking
Dr Sara Barker
Investigating play based learning in Primary Schools at PEDAL
Dr Corinne Boz
Director of Studies for Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, ARU
Rae Snape
Headteacher, The Spinney Primary School, NLE & Head of The Kite TSA Cambridge
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